SKIN: Skin Care 10 Commandments that don’t cost the world!

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SKIN: Skin Care 10 Commandments that don’t cost the world!

It’s no secret I am a skin care fanatic, there is nothing I love more than a glowing radiant complexion. Being a makeup artist it’s imperative that we treat the skin as precious as possible, skin preparation is one of the most important roles before applying makeup.

In my profession I love to buy all sorts of lotions and potions to try new things for my skin to look it’s best, and the models and clients I work with, but what about the things that don’t have to cost your weekly wage and that we can do every day to prevent the dreaded age factor?

1.Thou shall hydrate

We all know the importance of water, but did you know that water will go to all your other organs first before reaching the skin? It’s important to apply water to the skin and keep it there, not only will your skin look more hydrated but it will also help to prevent wrinkles.

Tip: For extra hydration, vitamins and minerals add cucumber & lemon to your water this will also help cleanse the body of toxins.

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2. Thou shall take cooler showers/baths

Especially in the winter months we all love a hot bath or shower, but it’s causing more harm than good.  Hot water washes away the skins protective oils which leave it , dry, itchy and and tight (worse if your skin is already pre-disposed to this) , by adjusting your showers to lukewarm water it means your skin’s outer layers will not be exposed to this kind of damage.

3. Sun protection is GOD

Sun exposure causes most of the skin changes that we think are normal when it comes to aging, including sagging skin, fine and coarse wrinkles, pigmentation and can increase the risk of skin cancer. UV light over time damages the skins fibres (elastin) breaking them down causing these effects. To prevent this choose a Sun screen with a high protection factor of 30 or above with a broad spectrum that protects against UV-A and UV-B rays. Also wear sunglasses, I wear these even when it’s mildly sunny as it helps prevent  crow’s feet.

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I love Clinique Super City Block, weightless, great for sensitive skin and contains antioxidants £18


4. Thou shall fake it, not bake it

Referring to keeping out of the sun, or at the very least protecting against it, tanning bed’s are a bad idea especially if you’re concerned with premature ageing. There are so many amazing fake tan products on the market including face tanners, this way you can have a light to deep tan. Formulas have improved and application techniques a lot easier. Keep that glowing tan while saving your skin.

Tip: Mix a little with your moisturiser to gradually build a natural looking face tan



Garnier Ambre Solaire One Week Gow Tinted Self Tan Cream £9.99

5. Thou shall love washing thy face

Our skin faces (pardon the pun) a wrath of pollution, dirt, oil, bacteria and general grime on a daily basis. It is essential to wash and cleanse away all of these impurities and dead skin cells DAILY. When your face is cleansed and fresh it also allows for products to penetrate properly and allows skin to remain hydrated (along with the help of a moisturiser) . If you don’t love washing your face try a cleansing oil they are super quick and easy and gentle on the skin, check my favorites here.

6. Thou shall keep clean thy tools

You are probably unaware as to how much dirt, oil and bacteria collect in your brushes & sponges. Before you think it’s your foundation giving you “acne” take a look at your makeup station/bag as to how you keep your brushes/products. Bacteria loves to breed in wet, moist environments and what you don’t realise is everytime you pop your dirty brush into your favorite foundation, gel eye liner or any cream product your introducing a lovely breeding ground for bacteria , that also helps to contribute to breakouts and skin irritations.  Powder products still produce bacteria too !

To keep your tools clean I advise investing in either some rubbing alcohol, or a brush cleaner (lots of brands sell them ) below is my absolute favorite. In terms of sponges I  wash them with my facial cleanser and then a bit alcohol to keep them bacterial free. If applying your products with your hands make sure they are also clean, as dirt and oil is easily transferred through them too.

 7. Thou shall not pick thy face

Yes, it’s incredibly satisfying popping that pimple, but what you are not aware of is it can aggravate and cause infection, leave skin discoloured when trying to heal and even lead to scarring. A great remedy to keep skin clean and prevent the breakout from spreading is using some tea tree oil or use Sudocrem an anticeptic cream originally used for nappy rash and eczema, but amazingly soothes and relieves redness.


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Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream Approx £3-£10


8.Thou Shall get beauty sleep

While we sleep the skin renews and rejuvenates. Skimping on sleep shows in the skin (tired, puffy and dark circles under the eyes). While we sleep all sorts of hormones and metabolic changes occur including in the skin and not getting enough sleep can disrupt this process. Get a good night’s sleep and you will notice a visible difference and feel better for it.

Tip: Turn off your phone after 9 and notice how well you sleep without any pings, beeps and notifications.

9. Thou shall go makeup free for one day

It’s very important to give your skin a makeup free day, mine is usually a Sunday (rest day for me). This gives your skin a much needed chance to breath and it can be nice having that extra sleep in and not worrying about getting ready, if at first this terrifies you then try a BB cream or tinted moisturiser if going out and need just a little something.

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MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream with Radiance Booster SPF 30

10. Thou shall wash pillow cases

Where we rest our heads can also host oil and bacteria leading to further breakouts. Dirt and oil from hair can also build up on your pillow cases, wash them every 2-3 days,  avoid fabric softeners as they leave behind a waxy residue that can lead to pore clogging and breakouts.


Got any more tips? Let me know !

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  1. I love your skin care tips!!! You are absolutely right about the hot water, but I really cannot take a shower if the water is not extra hot!!! Regarding the fake tan, I have found the Soltan Tanning Gel from Boots to be a fantastic fake tan: it retails for 9 quids and gives you a beautiful,streak free glow, much better than a tanning bed and surely safer! What are your favourites tanning products?

    • I know having colder showers is hard especially in winter, just at least wash your face in warm water . I love St Tropez but I also miss one from Australia called Le Tan, but I actually find Garniers’ range to be quite good too and great prices x

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