Removing Your Makeup ; Why it’s so important

As far as beauty regimes go, one rule that is SO important yet often “forgotten” after one too many cocktails or just simply being lazy is removing your makeup before you go to bed.

When we sleep, our skin does all weird and wonderful things to recover to make sure we are regenerating and looking as youthful as possible. Sleep allows our skin to rejuvenate and to reverse the effects of free radical and environmental damage our skin is faced with everyday, this is called cellular renewal.

What happens when we don’t allow our skin optimium conditions to do so?

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Our Skin is made up of pores, and pores allow us to sweat, and to secrete sebum (Sebum is a lubricant that protects and moisturises our skin) . Sebum also helps to shed dead skin cells and any other nasties from the pores. If you don’t remove your makeup, it will clog your pores causing an overproduction of sebum, which can lead to acne. (Yikes!)

Not only is our skin susceptible to nasties if not cleansed properly, but our eyes are just as easily infected. Not removing eye makeup (eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lashes, concealer) will leave your eyes irritated, and you can contract all sorts of eye infections, like the skin eyes have pores too! Sleeping with mascara can also clump and break your lashes (not cool!)

When it comes to makeup removing , everyone has a different way of doing so due to skin or timing needs. I personally can not stand makeup wipes, yes they are convenient however they are not doing your skin any favours, Why?

  1. When using a makeup wipe, if you do not rinse your skin with water those active ingredients can stay on your skin, which can leave the skin open to irritants and dryness.
  2. Makeup wipe packaging requires extra added preservatives to improve their shelf life, which exposes your skin to extra formaldehyde releasing chemicals (formaldehyde is classed as a carcinogen under high exposure)
  3. The constant rubbing and wiping  of the skin during removal is alot rougher than if you were cleansing and removing with water.
  4. Wipes can also cause irritation to the eyes leaving them dry, and irritated.

Top tips & picks for removing your makeup (From Luxe to less)

  1. Use a Micellar Water

Micellar Waters have been around for years but have recently gained huge popularity in the beauty industry, Micellar water is made up of tiny balls of cleansing oil combined with , these micelles are attracted to dirt and oil and helps to draw out impurities without over drying the skin. Using a cotton pad to remove your makeup with is a great start as a pre-cleanse or to use after a cleanse to rid the skin of excess product.

Rodial Dragon's Blood Cleansing Water Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water £29

Bioderma Micellar Water

Bioderma Micellar Solution Reverse Pump 500ml £18.90

Garnier Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml £3.35

2. Remove your eye makeup thoroughly

If Micellar water is not strong enough to get your eye makeup off (particularly water-proof makeup) then use a an eye makeup remover that is tough on removal but gentle on the eyes.


DIOR EYE makeup remover

Dior Instant Eye Makeup Remover £22.50


NARS oil free eye Makeup remover

NARS Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover £18.50

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover £6.60

3. Use a cleansing oil

An amazing product to use as it actually attracts oil, dirt and impurities without stripping your skin and leaving it super soft, just need to rinse well with water. This is great for skin that tends to be more dry, however all skin types can use them, just don’t use on the eye area, click the link to see my faves.

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Let me know your habits..

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