Makeup Light Recommendation

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Makeup Light Recommendation

As a makeup artist you need ample lighting. I have been on numerous sets , in hotel rooms and backstage where the light is less than desirable. Finding the best lighting solution is difficult as there is so much  to choose from, but I hate having too many gadgets and things to set up. There are many great makeup lights out there, but they are quite pricey, or really heavy and bulky to carry.

I was at a client’s house (an actress) and she wizzed out this amazing little light that was so strong but sooooo effective. She explained she used it for audition videos and I was so impressed by how effective it was both lighting and cost wise.

I have used it for a few months now and it is so light (pardon the pun) and easy to use, and it is a cheap makeup light in comparison to others on the market.

You do have to purchase a tripod separately, (I got convertible selfie stick which holds both the light and a mobile phone)  as well as the battery pack, however this still comes to under £65.00. The light itself also takes batteries and comes with two filters , so you can adjust to warm or cool light. It is also dimmable.

The Selfie stick is adjustable and comes with a mobile phone holder in which I like to film BTS footage, if I am not using the light.

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Backstage at Paris Fashion Week 2018


Photo taken with the light at night time



Have you got any other lighting recommendations? I always love to hear them.

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