Makeup Artist Kit Hacks

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Makeup Artist Kit Hacks

I love sorting out my makeup kit constantly. Nothing excites me more than little tips and tidbits to make life as a busy makeup artist that little bit easier.

Some of these are not rocket science or that new , but I compiled a little list of tips and tidbits that lately have been making my makeup life that more functional.


1) Dirty Brush Bag

Boots White Plastic Sponge Bag – £2.10

This basic bag has been my most recent purchase and actually my favorite yet. I was always trying to shove my dirty brushes in a canister but had no room, so when on the go this bag is genius, flat and quiet strong. Complete bargain ! Note – You can wash this in the machine, it just messes with cord (tried and tested!)


2) Quick, Small and handy rubbish bins

Little One’s Nappy Sacks-80p 


When on jobs and there is no rubbish bin (it happens more than you think) , these little nappy sacks are perfect to use, I even put them in an empty brush canister. They tie up and suprisingly fit alot, and they are even scented- cute!

3) Lip and cream palettes

Vue Set Palette- Tahiti -£11.95




Yes I am totally late to the party on these, but now a complete convert. I originally didn’t like them because I couldn’t open them (push them in the middle and then open!) . Super light weight , deep compartments and compact. There is a great selection to choose from and they also have the coolest names. Tahiti (Pictured) is my personal favorite.


4) Brush Guards

AKA Kiko Milano Brush Protecting Nets –£3.90 for 9 



Splaying brushes is one of my pet hates, so these handy guards are great to put on especially after washing them to keep them in shape.  As I store my brushes in canisters, the brush guards also help to maximise space while protecting those precious bristles.


5) MUJI Storage

MUJI PP Vanity Tumblers – £1.50


Muji is literally heaven for makeup arists. I have numerous tumblers , they are great for multiple uses. I use them mainly in my Muji cosmetic case to seperate all my pencils and mascaras. I also like to have some spares on hand to use them as brush pots in a set bag.

MUJI PP Box- £2.95

I use this box for my sharpeners, because not matter how hard I try, pencil sharpenings manage to fly everywhere and it’s the bain of my makeup existence. At least they stay confined in this box, always line with a tissue too to catch excess. I also have a separate box for my lash curlers, tweezers and scissors.


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  1. Hey Phoebe, great post. You should check out the mykitco sharpener it’s a game changer and never comes loose of its own accord, one of my most simple but favourite kit purchases ever! ❤️

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