HOW TO: Simple steps to choosing and booking a Makeup Artist

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HOW TO: Simple steps to choosing and booking a Makeup Artist

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Sometimes things are not as simple as they may seem, I know it’s hard for me to decide when I want to purchase a simple item (generally beauty products!) First I need to research the product, read a few reviews, then even ask some people their opinions. This is the age of the saavy shopper.

This got me thinking, booking a service is just as hard, we all want the best service for the most affordable price but in most cases cheap is not always good and good not always cheap. In a technology fulled market with so many options out there how we do choose the best one?

Here are a few simple steps that can really save you the endless hours of searching and contacting,  to selecting the right choice for your Wedding, special occasion or even a Makeup Lesson.

3 Simple Steps to finding a Makeup Artist :

1. Word of mouth is a force of nature

Whether it’s your best friend, Mother, next door neighbour or your cousins-best friend’s-sister , there is no stopping the force of nature that is word of mouth, a good client referral is always a seal of approval.

2. A picture tells a thousand words

Any professional Makeup Artist will have a professional website with a range of great images and examples of their work, if it’s the style that suits you, this is your Artist.

3. Variety is the spice of life

Not everyone has the same face or the same taste, so what suits your sister may not suit you. Some artists specialize in specific areas of the Industry (this is totally fine) and no two artists are the same , finding an artist that has a broad range of work may suit you better, just don’t limit your expectations thinking an artist can only do one thing.

 3 Simple steps for booking your Artist :

1. Hello my name is

In our text message society sometimes writing a formal email can seem painstakingly long, however it does not need to be an essay just a simple “Hello my name is… I found you here or was referred by such and such” is always a great way to open a conversation and start on the right foot, remember we get A LOT of inquiries and not always are they polite ones.

Don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions, such as what products the Artist uses, if they are willing to travel to a particular location, whether they are confident with a particular style of makeup that you would like. All questions are relevant and is a good way for your artist to get to know you better too.

2. The Price is Right

Some Artists do not list their price list on their website due to personal choice, always inquire about the price politely . Remember an Artist is priced due to Industry standard, experience, products used, insurance , travel etc, asking them to ‘discount’ or ‘price match’ may not always be a favourable outcome, some offer packages for more than on person upon a booking but not all do this.

3. It’s all in the details

Once again Makeup Artists do get a number of inquiries on a daily basis. The best way to get the most effective response is by listing all your details, ie the occasion, date , time, location and number of people requiring the service, this cuts out the unneccessary back and forth and allows the Makeup Artist to either book you in straight away or refer you onto a trusted colleague should they not be available themselves. Handy hint: We also love pictures !!!

Hopefully these little tips have given you some insight to booking the right professional for you, happy searching!

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